Yuu Ohara attends "HAVE A BIKE DAY 2019" at Futako Tamagawa Rise


 Exhibit: Instagram

 Yuu Ohara updated the official Instagram in August 2019.  Yuu Ohara has released a photo of a pose on a motorcycle.  Yuno Ohara says on Instagram,August 19 is a bike day. I attended HAVE A BIKE DAY 2019.

 About bike day.  In 1989,the government general affairs agency (currently the Cabinet Office)Traffic Safety Countermeasures Headquarters established August 19 as a motorcycle day to eradicate traffic accidents.

 The traffic safety measures room and local police of the national government are carrying out motorcycle safety driving classes,etc. mainly on August 19th.

 Furthermore,in order for more people to understand the wonders of motorcycle life,such as the fun,convenience,and usefulness of motorcycles,three months from July to September are designated as motorcycle months every year.  Started on the moon.  Since then,many activities have been conducted throughout the country.

 Bike day details