Moe Kamamishiroishi previews the movie “Startup Girls”

 Source: Instagram
 Moe Kamishiraishi updated the official Instagram in August 2019.  Moe Kamamishiro reported a preview of the movie “Startup Girls”.
 Synopsis of startup girls
 A free-spirited and genius college entrepreneur, Hikari (Moe Kamishiroishi) and a large company OL with stability-oriented “safety is BEST”, Nozomi (Yamazaki Reina).
 The two opposites will become business partners in a new project that provides remote medical examinations for pediatric medicine under the plan of Mizuki (Koji Yamamoto), who supports Hikari’s business.  Nozomi who is swung by selfish behavior of light cannot believe in light and gets stuck in work.
 Insane woman vs firm woman.  Can the worst encounters in life create the strongest new era in history?
 Source: From the official website of the movie “Startup Girls”