Riho Yoshioka announces "Invisible Eyewitness"

 Source: Instagram
 Riho Yoshioka updated the official Instagram in August 2019.  Riho Yoshioka announced the preview of the “Invisible Eyewitness”.
 What is an invisible witness?
 A suspense thriller that remakes the 2011 Korean movie “Blind” in Japan and plays the role of a former police officer who lost his eyesight.  Natsume Hamanaka who had accidentally killed her brother on the night of the graduation ceremony at the police school.  She lost herself and gave up the path of a police officer. Even three years after the accident, she was still unable to overcome her brother’s death.  One day, Natsume, who encountered a car contact accident, notices the voice of a girl seeking help from inside the car, and appeals for the possibility of a kidnapping.  Although it was a mere presentation of “sighting” information that was felt from a sense other than vision to the police, the police dismissed the investigation without admitting her invisible.  Natsume tries to save the girl and finds a skateboard boy that touches the car at the scene of the accident.  Eventually, the disappearance of a high school girl was associated, and the existence of a continuous kidnapping was revealed.  As Natsume cuts into the darkness of the incident, she will face the death of her brother.  The director is “Gravity Clown” and “Little Forest” Junichi Mori.
 Source: Movie.com