Kanna Hashimoto cosplayed by Hatsune Miku

 Kanna Hashimoto MG updated its official Instagram in September 2019.  Kanna Hashimoto’s cosplay has been released.  Manager of Kana Hashimoto has released a cosplay photo of Miku Hatsune on Instagram.  It seems that it is an off-shot of the movie “Kaguya wants to tell” starring Kanna Hashimoto.
 The movie “Kaguya-sama wants to tell you” is a live-action movie featuring Akasaka Akasaka’s popular romantic comedy starring King & Prince, as the heroine of Kanna Hashimoto.
 This is a summary of “Kaguya-sama’s romance brain wars for geniuses” starring Kana Hashimoto.
 The student president of the super prestigious private “Shichiin Gakuen”, Miyuki Shirogane (Hirano), is a brainstormer and is a regular top-performing nationwide pilot.
 She was attracted to the student council vice president, Kaguya Shinomiya (Hashimoto), who was a daughter of a large conglomerate, and had a beautiful life.  I was trying.
 One day, two people fall into their own self-confidence, saying, “If you confess from yourself, you lose,” and just think about how to make your opponent confess.
 Because of being a genius, clumsy and pure deeds in love and Kaguya will devote themselves to the battle that put their presence in order to confess to the opponent.
 In the trailer where voice actor Aoi Aoyama was in charge of narration in the same way as the anime version, you can see a glimpse of the “love brain war” that Goyu and Kaguya develop.
 In the first half of the video, the high pride of the line and Kaguya disturbed so as to hide and appear in the lines of “ If Shinomiya would definitely get along with you ” or “ I can not train this man who suits me ”  In a situation where no progress is made in love at all.
 However, in the second half, the thinking of the two people changed completely.  “Why don’t you confess?” “How can I let the other party tell me?”  You can see many love traps that Gokaku and Kaguya set up to “confess your opponent”.
 “Kaguya-sama wants to tell you about the genius’s love brain battle”, including Yuto Sano, Natsumi Ikema, Rina Asakawa, Mayu Hotta, Yutaro, Masahiro Takashima and Jiro Sato.