Sakikichi in Yoron Island, Kagoshima Prefecture

 Sakikichi who is active as a Youtuber, Instagrammer, and model.  This is an article by Sakiyoshi.
 Biography of Sakiyoshi
 Born in Yamanashi (?)
 Proceed to junior high school and high school.
 Around 2015, I started posting icing cookie photos on Instagram.
 After that, youtube activities started in June 2017.
 He has posted videos mainly on makeup, cooking and games, and is currently popular with over 50,000 subscribers.
 Sakikichi is also a certified icing cookie teacher.
 As youtuber, he co-stars with Rafael and Hikaru.
 Sakiyoshi’s recent Instagram posts
 Sakiyoshi updated the official Instagram in September 2019.  Mr. Saki has released photos taken in Yoron Island, Kagoshima Prefecture.  Sakiyoshi commented on Instagram, “I ’m sorry for the demon update! There are so many photos! There are so many!  Many comments have been received from fans about Sakiyoshi’s post.