Kusakabe firefly sailor suit

 Free model Hotaru Kusakabe.  Hotaru Kusakabe is active as a model, MC and illustrator.  Hotaru Kusakabe lives freely with 5 cats like a cat!
 Hotaru Kusakabe is a Kanji first-class kanji otaku and likes cats.  Hotaru Kusakabe’s hobby is taking a nap with his cat Maruburo.
 Hotaru Kusakabe updated the official Instagram in September 2019.  Hotaru Kusakabe showed off his sailor suit at the photo session.  Many comments have been posted on the sailor suit of Hotaru Kusakabe.
 Detailed model information of Hotaru Kusakabe.
 160 cm
 B: 85-W: 57-H: 82
 long hair
 Clothes size
 shoe size
 22.5 cm
 January 10
 Current address
 Kanagawa Prefecture
 Activity area