Keio Miscon popular No.1 finalist Asuka Asamatsu suffers sexual harassment

 Asuka Takamatsu (20), a first-year student at Keio University, is the No. 1 finalist of Keio Miscon.  Asuka Sasamatsu reported on sexual harassment damage at Weekly Bunharu on September 18, 2019.  Keio Miscon has two management committees: an executive committee for student organizations and a steering committee that involves Horiemon.  Asuka Takamatsu was sexually harassed by the Steering Committee.  Asuka Takamatsu seems to have suffered sexual harassment from the producer of the steering committee.
 《Keio Miscon and scandals》 Popular No.1 finalist damages sexual harassment “The hand touching the waist has come down …”
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